#FreeBelarus: Let's not forget about the courage of the citizens of Belarus


The author of the drawings that we used in the video wrote to us: "I'm an artist. I was born in Minsk. I graduated from College of Arts and Academy of Arts. I mostly paint using oil, sometimes I do graphics. When the elections were held, I was so shocked by the events that followed, that for several months I wasn't able to do art at all. I had drawn almost nothing until the moment when I went through detention and an administrative arrest. Once I had experienced this, I felt that now I'm able to tell about it through my artwork. And I thought it was important to do this because this story is one of many dozens of thousands of people stories who had a similar experience. It all started with the sketches that I made in the prison cells that I was placed to during my 13-day arrest. These sketches to a greater extent show the life of a political prisoner, while the drawings that I made after I was released, reproduce my emotional experience. There are many stories related to the arrest under the same article, which are much more terrible and tragic. My arrest was relatively calm and yet made a rather strong impression to me. During my arrest, the heating was turned off in the cells, daylight was on twenty-four hours a day, measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 were not only not followed, but on the contrary, people were transfered from one cell to another cell, so me and my cellmates were infected, but we know that many people who were under arrest prior to me, and those who are imprisoned now, they are facing much more terrible conditions..."

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