Man of Inspiration / Episode 1 / The Young Man


In the first lesson the students will learn about the family background in which Vaclav Havel grew up and which shaped him. The example of the social decline of a First-Republic entrepreneurial family shows the post-February development in Czechoslovakia and the gradual restriction of human rights which affected the whole country. The lesson shows that this development also affected the life of the young Vaclav Havel, who had to learn how to cope with hardship and injustice from an early age. Students will recognise Vaclav Havel as a young active man who takes an interest not only in himself, but also in what is going on around him.

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Seriál: Man of Inspiration

The educational series of six videolessons brings the ideas and work of Václav Havel on human rights, civil society and civic responsibility to a generation of young people. The videos combine spoken word of young presenters and special guests with archival materials.

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