Polish historian and political scientist Łukasz Adamski in an interview with Zuzana Hocková


“Russia does not fit into the category of civilized nations. When you send arms which can castrate men or cut off the heads of Ukrainian soldiers (and we saw such examples in this war), then this is not civilization, it’s barbarism,” says Polish historian and political scientist Łukasz Adamski. As a guest speaker at this year’s jubilee 10th international conference of Václav Havel European Dialogues “Europe in a clash of two worlds”, Adamski reflects on Russia’s current aggression in Ukraine. In an interview with Zuzana Hocková, he speaks about the disunity of Western Europe, the clash of civilizations, the shared history of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, whose Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth once served as a “rampart against tyranny from the East” and which since 2020 has been revived in the Lublin Triangle regional alliance.

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