“One of Burma’s Limbs is Rotten”. The Burmese writer Ma Thida in an interview with Igor Blazevic.

An interview with the Burmese writer, doctor and human rights activist. Ma Thida is a well-known intellectual in Myanmar. Her books address the political situation in her country. She worked as the editor of a Burmese youth monthly, and at the Moslem Free Hospital, which renders free services to the poor. In 1994, she was arrested and sentenced to twenty years, following an accusation of being in contact with illegal organisations and disseminating forbidden literature. After six years in...


Svjatlana Cichanouská meeting NGOs in the Václav Havel Library, June 8, 2021

During a visit to the Czech Republic, the leader of the Belarusian democratic opposition, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, met with representatives of local civil society on June 8. At a working meeting at the Václav Havel Library co-organised by the Prague Civil Society Centre, she held discussions with representatives of ten Czech non-governmental organisations about the situation in Belarus as well as ways of supporting those who are fighting for freedom, democracy and human rights and facing...


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