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A discussion on the enduring legacy of Max van der Stoel and the pivotal role of dissidents in shaping democracy in the 21st century. Max van der Stoel's historic meeting with Jan Patočka, the philosopher and spokesperson for Charter 77, marked a significant milestone in the struggle for human rights and political freedoms. As the first Western minister to engage with Charter 77, van der Stoel's courageous act paved the way for international recognition of dissident movements.

Against the backdrop of this historic encounter, esteemed speaker Bert Koenders, Chair of the Max van der Stoel Foundation and former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, led a conversation on the challenges and opportunities facing democracy today together with professor emeritus at the University of Fribourg Filip Karfík. Professor Karfík studied philosophy in a private circle of Jan Patočka’s students, classical philology studied in Prague and Vienna, postgraduate studies in Paris, Eichstätt and Munich, PhD in philosophy obtained at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, habilitation achieved in philosophy.

Ian Willoughby discussed with guests.

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In Conversation With... is a series of occasional English-language discussions with notable figures in public life here in the Czech Republic and beyond. These Václav Havel Library talks are moderated by Tereza Willoughby, the head of arts news at public broadcaster Czech Television, and Ian Willoughby, a journalist with Radio Prague International.

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