American Spring at the Václav Havel Library: Americans in Prague – What's the news? (3. 6. 2019)

Archivní záznam 06/06/19

Interactive panel with three distinctive U. S. journalists based in the Czech Republic. Besides the lost beauty of the Nineties, we will discuss how the American media see the Czech Republic, what stories are interesting for U. S. readers, how these American journalists view contemporary Czech culture and politics, how Czechs see the American community, and how the relationship has evolved over the past three decades.The discussion was moderated by Czech reporter Veronika Bednářová. Panelists: Jeremy Druker, Executive Director and Editor in Chief of Transitions Online; Elizabeth Haas, writer and editor, author at; Evan Rail, freelance food and travel writer for the The New York Times and other publications. Organised by Václav Havel Library in cooperation with American Spring.

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