EU between Past and Present: Panel II - Central Europe in the EU and the EU in Central Europe

Archive record 29/05/19

In some respects, Central Europe has been living through the European identity crisis in recent years. Efforts appear to turn the wheel of the pro-western direction towards the East. What is causing this crisis, and how is it manifested in individual countries of the region? And how is the EU perceived by young active people who are engaged in civic life and are trying to struggle against the other direction? Could the approaching European elections indicate a positive turning point? Jan Spiewak (Wolne Miasto Warszawa association), Karolína Farská (Iniciativa za Slušné Slovensko initiative), Karoly Nagy (Youth organisation of the Momentum party) and Václav Němec (philosopher, pedagogue). Speaker: Michael Žantovský (Václav Havel Library)


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