From Wall to Wall: PANEL II - Walls Old and New | Václav Havel Human Rights Prize Conference 2019

Archive record 04/10/19

Guests: Bernard Guetta - Journalist (France), Daniel Brössler - Journalist (Germany), Mátyás Eörsi - Politician and Lawyer (Hungary), Martin Milan Šimečka - Journalist (Slovakia). Chair: Kateřina Šafaříková - Journalist, Respekt magazine (Czech Republic)


Serie: Václav Havel Human Rights Prize

The Prize is awarded in memory of Václav Havel, playwright, opponent of totalitarianism, architect of the Velvet Revolution of 1989, President of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic and an enduring symbol of opposition to despotism. Nominations of any individual, non-governmental organisation or institution working to defend human rights are taken into consideration. The Prize consists of a sum of €60 000, a trophy and a diploma.


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