In Conversation With... Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines


Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines was a young girl when she and her half-sister were placed on a “kindertransport” train from Prague to London on the very eve of WWII. It was only many decades later that she discovered that they had been among 669 mainly Jewish children saved from the Holocaust by Nicholas Winton. Today aged 94, Lady Milena is still going strong, regularly sharing her experiences in talks with young people.

This edition of In Conversation With… – an occasional series of English-language talks at the Václav Havel Library – was hosted by Ian Willoughby, a journalist with Radio Prague International.

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Seriál: In Conversation with...

In Conversation With... is a series of occasional English-language discussions with notable figures in public life here in the Czech Republic and beyond. These Václav Havel Library talks are moderated by Tereza Willoughby, the head of arts news at public broadcaster Czech Television, and Ian Willoughby, a journalist with Radio Prague International.

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