David Vaughan: Hear My Voice (13. 12. 2018)

Archive record 18/12/18

International diplomacy has broken down. A new breed of authoritarian ruler has emerged, contemptuous of the rules of diplomacy and collective security, willing to lie and bully to build power and influence. Europe’s democracies are confused and defensive. The year is 1938 and Nazi Germany is tightening the screw on its neighbours. You are invited to the launch of the English version of David Vaughan’s documentary novel, Hear My Voice. First published in Czech, the book won the Czech Book readers’ prize in 2015. A young man has arrived in Prague. His job is to interpret and translate, but he finds himself literally lost for words, as conflicting versions of the truth fight for the upper hand. “Truth will prevail,” but whose truth will it be? The author discussed with the writer and poet Alex Went about the book - how it happened, how different the Czech and English version and the echoes it has in our time. The idea of ​​"post-truth" is nothing new.


Serie: Conversations about Literature and Translations

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